Knife Skills Transcend Gender

Men and women are different, just as boys and girls are different.  One viewpoint of feminism is that “women are exactly the same as men,” but that’s simply not true, and it is our very differences that make us special.  We have different levels of hormones in our bodies (testosterone and estrogen to name two), and that is just one factor that causes us to behave differently, have different interests, etc.

I see this difference every day with my children.  My wife and I try to be very conscious about not putting gender stereotypes onto our children.  My children get in trouble equally if they go out and play in the mud on a rainy day; my daughter does not get in trouble more because it is “unlady like” to be dirty.  When my daughter signed up for dance lessons, I had my son take one season of dance as well.

The differences between boys and girls can be a challenge when you want to do things together and find an activity that interests everyone somewhat equally.  My children are getting old enough that it is time to start teaching them about knives and knife skills.  I think everyone should have some knowledge of kitchen knives (not just women), and I also think everyone should have some knowledge of survival knives (not just men).  This was a great learning experience that we could all share together.  Here are some resources that I used.

  1. This article gives a good high overview of all the steps that go into making a knife.  I used this for a general appreciation of the tool.  Like money, knives do not “grow on trees.”
  2. There are different things you would look for in a survival vs a kitchen knife, and this site is a good start for an overview on survival knives.
  3. Zack Knives has great documentation on custom knives, including how to sharpen your knife.
  4. There are websites that focus on the artistry that goes along with custom knives, like the ones on LA knife maker.  This site discusses whether or not you should even use your knives or whether you should display them!
  5. Knives can also be used for self-defense, and there are pros and cons to trying to use them in this manner instead of as a tool.

Learning about knives together, as a family, allowed us to undertake lots of different activities, from cooking in the kitchen, to whittling, to camping.  It was a fun experience, and also taught my kids responsibility.

Read this post to see what other activities I do with my family!

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