Family That Plays Together

A Family That Plays Together Stays Together

We’re a firm believers that the more activities you do with your kids the better off your relationship is going to be. We also believe that activities are important to expose your kids to so they stay fit and healthy.

I work out!

My wife originally started taking our daughter to Yoga classes with her. She bought her, her own yoga mat, an adorable little yoga towel and they’ve been Yoga pals ever since. My little buddy was jealous that his baby sister got to go to the grown up class and so we decided we could try and take Jimmy along as well. Jimmy was extremely disruptive (think loud farting noises) and since then we haven’t been able to bring him back. So what did I do? Jimmy wanted to do something “adult” which meant not running around at the playground. So me and Jimmy started pumping iron together (don’t worry I don’t load him up with the bench press and let him have at it).

We created a workout program that we do together every time the ladies go to yoga. It includes back exercises such as pull ups, pushups, core work, jumping jacks and a lot of silliness. Jimmy loves mountain climbers which is strange for a little kid.

He’s also hysterical when I give him small weights to work with. He does bicep curls with one eye closed and his tongue sticking out grunting along with me as I work out. At the end of each session we get a little tape measure and make sure the boys biceps are growing with each pump.

It’s pretty great, because as a result of our sessions I’ve actually gotten in better shape. I no longer dread going to the gym because I know my little buddy will be there to amuse me every step of the way.

I’m extremely glad I was able to find something “grown up” for me and Jimmy to do. We go fishing and we’ve gone to the rifle range and sometimes we go for a cruise on the lake with our inflatable paddle boards but we’ve really bonded over this activity. I’m sure as we look back when he’s older and we’re sharing a pint of beer this is something that we will laugh about. He doesn’t know this, but Sunday afternoon in the gym pumping the iron with him is one of the things I look forward to most during my week. I hope he continues to enjoy doing it with me.

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